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The podiatrists at South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers evaluate your feet and can diagnose if custom shoes or custom inserts can help prevent your foot condition from getting worse; they can also allow your feet to heal and can even correct a problem by training you to walk correctly. If you think you need custom orthopedic shoes or additional cushioning or support inside your own shoes, don’t delay treatment because foot problems can worsen with time. Our Palm Beach Gardens podiatrists and foot doctors at six locations throughout Palm Beach will provide a diagnosis and discuss your options with you. Call 561-793-6170 to schedule an appointment today or click here to request an appointment.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are inserts or insoles that are made to fit inside your own shoes. They help provide cushioning or support so that a foot condition does not become worse and has a chance to heal.

Custom Therapeutic Footwear

Custom orthopedic shoes are designed to fit your feet and made to be therapeutic and allow your foot condition to heal by providing extra padding and room. Orthotic shoes can also correct a foot problem and prevent it from coming back. Pediatric orthopedic shoes are available as well as orthotics for adults.

Custom Therapeutic Foot & Ankle Braces

Therapeutic foot and ankle braces are made of molded flexible or hard plastic that is made to fit your foot and correct a problem or allow it to heal. Foot and ankle braces can guide or restrict movement and can aid in rehabilitation if you are injured.

Diabetic Shoes

Patients diagnosed with diabetes know how important it is to monitor their feet so that sores and ulcers do not develop. Patients with peripheral neuropathy that have lost feeling in their feet should wear diabetic shoes because they can prevent the rubbing that can cause sores on the feet.

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