Gait is defined as the way that a person walks. Podiatrists often need to analyze the way you walk to see if an injury or deformity is affecting your gait. Computerized gait analysis elevates the evaluation to computerized precision.

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What is Computerized Gait Analysis?

During a gait analysis test, the doctor might have you run or walk on a treadmill and record your movements. The computer then analyzes your walking or running gait using special software.

How does computerized Gait Analysis Work?

Computerized gait analysis helps podiatrists analyze how your gait might be affecting your ankles and feet. If you gait is off, it could be causing injuries. The computer calculates things like trajectory, balance, movement, and motion. The podiatrist will pay special attention to the video of your walk to see how your gait is affecting your ankles and feet.

Conditions Treated

Computerized gait analysis diagnoses problems associated with your gait, or the way you walk. A sports motion analysis is a type of gait analysis can help identify if your movements during sports are causing you pain or injury. In other cases, it is performed to diagnose a problem with your ankles or feet.

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